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12 Days Of Deals - Day Eight

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Balsam & Clementine Long-Lasting Scented Jar Candle (14 oz)

Sale price$18.99
Warm your winter days with the inviting aroma of our "Balsam & Clementine" scented candle. Let the rejuvenating essence of citrus, the tantalizing sweetness of cranberries, and the fresh embrace of crisp winter fir whisk you to a place of festive merriment.
Filled with rich pine green wax and elegantly poured into a short, clear glass jar, this 14oz delight is crowned with a sophisticated silver lid. With its trio of lead-free wicks, it ensures an even and beautiful burn, making it the ultimate winter candle.
Citrus, sweetened cranberry, and crisp winter fir.

Our Premium Satin collection complements any space with timeless style and a mix of traditional and trending fragrances - all made with essential oils. Contained within a glass vessel, this collection features three lead-free wicks for a clean and even burn experience.

Volume: 14oz
Diameter: 4”
Height: 4”
Burn time: approximately 50 hours
Poured in the U.S.A.
14oz Balsam & Clementine scented candle in a short clear glass jar with a silver lid, filled with pine green wax and three lead-free wicks, radiating fragrances of citrus, sweetened cranberry, and winter fir, ideal for festive winter moments.
Balsam & Clementine Long-Lasting Scented Jar Candle (14 oz) Sale price$18.99

Made IN KC

We've been pouring candles in the City of Fountains since 1951.

Natural Wicks

Our wicks are made with all-natural materials like cotton + paper.

Long Burn Times

Our candles can safely burn for up to 4 hours at a time.

Safe For Pets

All of our candles are cruelty-free and safe to burn around pets.