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Article: 12 Scented Candle Picks for the 12 Days of Christmas

12 Scented Candle Picks for the 12 Days of Christmas

12 Scented Candle Picks for the 12 Days of Christmas

 Every year we introduce dozens of exciting new fragrances specifically for Christmas and the winter holidays. Every year, we get bombarded with questions about which candles are our favorites, and which candles will be getting star treatment in our homes for the holidays. In no particular order, here are 12 of our favorites - candles that are perfect for setting the scene as your Holiday memories of 2023 are created:

  • Tree Farm ($18.99)The "Tree Farm" Scented Jar Candle from our Winter Park Collection is a true gem for those who cherish the scents of the season. Its fragrance is reminiscent of a "frosted evergreen forest covered with freshly fallen snow," bringing the outdoors in and transforming your space into a winter wonderland. The 12 oz candle is presented in a charming glass jar with a golden lid, promising approximately 40 hours of burn time. 
  • N. Pole Bakery ($18.99)The "N. Pole Bakery" Scented Jar Candle is a delightful addition to our Traditional Holiday Collection, and it promises to fill your home with the aromas of a warm bakery knocking out Christmas cookies. This candle, contained in a sleek glossy white glass jar with a contrasting black lid, offers a classic blend of sugar cookies and vanilla buttercream scents. With 40 hours of burn time, the 12 oz candle features three lead-free wicks for a clean burn, creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for holiday gatherings or a snug evening by the fire. 
  • Candy Cane ($13.99) - Get swept up in the festive cheer with the "Candy Cane" Scented Jar Candle from the Farmhouse Holiday Collection. This adorable 12 oz mason jar candle is all about the cozy comfort of holiday baking, blending sweet vanilla with a zesty peppermint twist and the sparkle of sugar crystals. It's like a hug from your favorite winter memories, captured in a candle that burns for about 70 hours. Perfect for those who love a bit of rustic charm with their modern decor, this candle is a little jar of joy for your holiday season.
  • Balsam & Clementine ($18.99) - Snuggle up and let the "Balsam & Clementine" Scented Jar Candle fill your home with the scent of holiday cheer. This 14 oz treasure, part of our Premium Satin collection, features a harmony of citrus and sweet cranberry, with a fresh winter fir finish that's perfect for festive moments. Poured into an elegant glass jar and topped with a chic silver lid, it burns beautifully for approximately 50 hours, adding a sprinkle of merriment to your winter days. Crafted with essential oils and a trio of wicks, it's the scent of the season made just for you.
  • Holy Jolly ($17.99) - Meet "Holly Jolly," a favorite scented candle from the "Gnome for the Holidays" collection. This 13 oz candle is a playful frolic of cool citrus and evergreen scents, perfect for those who adore the festive sparkle of the season. Light it up and let the merry vibes fill your room, with a gnome-themed label that's sure to bring a smile. Ideal for setting a cheerful holiday mood or as a whimsical gift, this candle pairs a fresh fragrance with the joyous spirit of gnome mischief.
  • Gingerbread House ($18.99) - The "Gingerbread House" Scented Jar Candle from our Premium Marbled collection is like having a batch of grandma's gingerbread cookies, fresh out of the oven with that sweet icing on top, except this treat lasts a whole lot longer. The 18 oz candle, housed in a classy glass jar, features two lead-free wicks for an even burn, offering about 80 hours of that heartwarming gingerbread glow. It’s crafted with essential oils to ensure the scent is as genuine as it is delightful. This candle is all about creating those warm, memorable holiday moments right at home.
  • Winter Wonder ($19.99) - The "Winter Wonder" Scented Candle from our "gilded Hearth" collection is a dazzling escape into the crispness of a winter's day. With the fresh scents of blue spruce and rosemary mingling with the coolness of winter air, each burn is like stepping out into a fresh morning snowfall. This 18 oz candle, presented in a deep blue glass jar with a gold lid, and promises around 80 hours of burn time. It's a fragrant beacon of joy and nostalgia, perfect for those who love the essence of winter in their home.
  • Christmas Cabin ($18.99) - The "Christmas Cabin" Scented Candle is a festive treasure, part of our Traditional Holiday Collection, that wraps you in the essence of a winter retreat. This 12 oz candle, with its glossy white jar and sleek black lid, offers a heartwarming blend of white pine, rich suede, and dark cloves—perfect for recreating the cozy feel of a snow-dusted log cabin. It's crafted with premium satin wax and three lead-free wicks for a clean burn, providing approximately 40 hours of the holiday spirit. Made in the U.S.A., this candle is a must for those who love to infuse their home with the nostalgic magic of Christmas.
  • Cinnamon Spice ($17.99) - The "Cinnamon Spice" Scented Candle from the Gnome for the Holidays Collection is a festive foray into a winter woodland whimsy. This 13 oz candle combines the fresh scents of balsam and cedar with a splash of watery pine, all wrapped up in the warmth of fiery red wax. It's like a holiday party every time you light it, complete with a gnome-tastic label that's sure to bring smiles. With a burn time of approximately 50 hours, this soy blend candle with essential oils is poured in the U.S.A. and is here to sprinkle some festive fun into your home.
  • Fireside Comfort ($13.99) - The "Fireside Comfort" Scented Jar Candle is a warm invitation to cozy up during the chilly winter evenings. This 18 oz candle is a blend of cedar, black pepper, and clove essential oils, designed to evoke the serene ambiance of relaxing by a crackling fire. The layered colors and spicy scent add a touch of holiday spirit to any room, making it ideal for both seasonal decor and as a heartfelt gift.
  • Gilded Hearth ($19.99) - The "Gilded Hearth" Holiday Candle is a luxurious scent experience that promises to bring a regal touch to your festive celebrations. This limited edition candle, with its sumptuous blend of cashmere, sweet almond, and sandalwood, comes housed in an elegantly painted golden glass jar. It's not just a winter candle; it's a statement piece, adding warmth, elegance, and sophistication to your space. With an approximate burn time of 80 hours and essential oils, this 18 oz candle, featuring two lead-free wicks for an even burn, is more than a scent—it's a centerpiece of winter celebration and opulence.
  • Peppermint Hot Cocoa ($18.99) - Our "Peppermint Hot Cocoa" Scented Christmas Candle, a festive highlight from our Christmas collection, brings the holiday spirit to life. This 14 oz candle, with its three-tiered wax in varying colors and three lead-free wicks, offers an inviting blend of cool peppermint and rich chocolate, reminiscent of a comforting hot beverage on a winter's night. Its elegant design and delightful fragrance are perfect for enhancing your holiday decor or for giving as a thoughtful gift. Crafted with essential oils and approximately 50 hours of burn time, this candle is a celebration of the season's joy, and is designed to make every festive moment a cherished memory.

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