Understanding Aromatherapy: Fragrances A-C

In today's busy world, many are turning to holistic approaches to improve well-being, and aromatherapy stands at the forefront of these practices. Many of the candle fragrances we use in our Tuscany Candles are crafted with this principle in mind, most notably including those in our “Elemental Aromatics” Collection. We invite you to delve into the science and benefits of aromatherapy and understand how it could be incorporated into your wellness regimen.

What is Aromatherapy?

Hopkins Medicine describes aromatherapy as the scientific application of aromatic substances, including essential oils, for therapeutic benefits. When these fragrances are inhaled, they engage the olfactory system and have a direct influence on the cerebral and emotional centers of the brain, which in turn can modulate mood. This practice boasts a rich history, tracing back thousands of years across different cultures. While there are many ways to release essential oils into your space, our preference is to diffuse the aroma via scented candles or wax melts.

How About Some Specifics?

While personal experiences can determine one's reaction to certain fragrances, numerous studies have elucidated the more universal mood-enhancing properties of specific scents:

  • Apple: As cited by Resveralife, it has been reported that the aroma of apples may help to relieve the symptoms of migraines and reduce head and neck tension. Furthermore, it has properties that aid in managing anxiety and stress. We pack apple essential oils into several of our most popular scented candles - click here to see current offerings.
  • Cedar. A recent study revealed that inhaling cedar scents could potentially stabilize your mood and help maintain your mental health. While the study indicated that is especially true for females, anyone can benefit from the rustic, woody scent of cedar. If you'd like to experience this sensation for yourself, we offer several different candles with notes of cedar in our collections.
  • Citronella. Citronella oil candles are traditionally used to ward off unwanted mosquitos and other pests, but the scent can also profoundly affect your mood and wellbeing. A 2012 study found that the citronella scent can decrease your blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. That means it’s great for helping you relax and unwind. We generally only stock citronella-scented candles in the summer, but you can check here to see if we have any on hand.
  • Citrus. A 2014 study found that citrus scents have the power to decrease mood disturbances and alleviate the symptoms associated with tension and depression. If you’re looking for a mood boost, you need some citrus scents in your life. Here are just a few of the citrus scents we offer here at Tuscany Candle:

  • Coffee. According to a recent study, inhaling the scent of coffee could potentially increase your alertness and attention while also boosting your memory. This scent really packs a punch! If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your brainpower, check out our candles in our Coffee scent.

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