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Yankee candle easter collection.

Easter Arrivals

Welcome spring with our delightful Easter candle collection, featuring an array of pastel-colored candles that perfectly capture the season's essence. Each candle, in hues of soft pink, gentle lavender, cheerful yellow, and more, is designed to bring the freshness and joy of Easter into your home. These beautifully colored candles add a touch of elegance to your decor and fill the air with refreshing spring scents, from floral bouquets to sweet berries. Ideal for Easter gatherings or as charming gifts, these candles celebrate renewal and joy. Light up your Easter moments with our collection and embrace the serene beauty of spring in every flicker. 🌷

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We've been pouring our candles in the City of Fountains since 1951.

Natural Wicks

Our wicks are made with all natural materials like cotton and paper.

Long Burn times

Our candles can safely burn for up to 4 hours at a time.

Safe For Pets

All of our candles are cruelty-free and safe to burn around pets.