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Happy Mother's Day (12 oz) – Mother's Day Collection

Sale price$12.99 Regular price$18.99

Cherish the heart of Mother’s Day with the tender fragrance of soft peony blossoms, delicate rose, fresh morning dew, and sweet vanilla.

Soft peony blossoms, soft rose, morning dew, and sweet vanilla.

These specially curated 12 oz scented jar candles, each with three wicks, premium satin wax, and elegant silver lids, are wrapped in unique designs by our in-house team, making them the perfect gifts to show your love and admiration for the moms in your life. This Mother’s Day, let these fragrances fill her home with warmth and your heart with gratitude.

Volume: 12 oz
Diameter: 4”
Height: 4”
Burn time: approximately 40 hours
Poured in the U.S.A.

This is a limited-run collection. Once it is sold out, it will not be replenished.
A candle labeled "Happy Mother's Day (12 oz) – Mother's Day Collection" with floral designs on the container, featuring a vanilla peony scent by Tuscany Candle® SEASONAL.
Happy Mother's Day (12 oz) – Mother's Day Collection Sale price$12.99 Regular price$18.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sandra Y Tesch (Seattle, WA)
Happy Mother's Day

The outside design of this candle is so beautiful when lit. White wax and white background glows so nicely displaying the pinks and red florals. The scent is light, I think I mostly smell peony and dew, not much rose. Very, very nice. I love it.


Today is the first day I used this candle and it is so pretty lighting up the colorful floral design, white wax and white background color. The sent is very light. Very nice for a bathroom in the evening to see the floral glow and pleasant scent. Happy Mother's Day!

Made IN KC

We've been pouring candles in the City of Fountains since 1951.

Natural Wicks

Our wicks are made with all-natural materials like cotton + paper.

Long Burn Times

Our candles can safely burn for up to 4 hours at a time.

Safe For Pets

All of our candles are cruelty-free and safe to burn around pets.