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Mountain Clarity Scented Jar Candle (15 oz) – Elemental Aromatics Collection

Sale price$19.99

Experience the transformative power of "Mountain Clarity," our scented candle designed to awaken your senses and nurture your well-being. This exquisite blend combines the calming essence of Chamomile, the invigorating notes of Sea Air, and the grounding presence of Cedarwood. As the delicate aroma of Chamomile fills the air, a sense of tranquility and serenity washes over you, embracing your being. Let the invigorating Sea Air carry you to the shores of serenity, cleansing your spirit and restoring inner balance. The grounding Cedarwood anchors your soul, connecting you to the wisdom of ancient forests and instilling a profound sense of clarity.

Crafted with utmost care, our filled candle envelops your space in a lasting aroma, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. The 15oz size ensures hours of indulgence, allowing you to transform any space into a haven of mindfulness and relaxation. Enhance your self-care rituals and elevate your spiritual practice with our scented jar candle, housed in a contemporary glass jar that adds a touch of elegance to your personal retreat. Each curated scent evokes the essence of a serene mountain morning, fostering a deep sense of connection and clarity, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace.

Chamomile, Sea Air, and Cedarwood

Our Elemental Aromatics collection of scented candles boasts aromatherapeutic fragrances made with essential oils. Contained within a chromotherapy-inspired frosted glass vessel, this collection of poured candles features our signature satin, soy blend wax and 3 lead-free wicks.

Volume: 15oz
Diameter: 4.7”
Height: 3.1”
Burn time: approximately 35 hours
Poured in the U.S.A.

A Mountain Clarity scented candle in a white container, exuding tranquility and enhancing well-being, set against a serene white background.
Mountain Clarity Scented Jar Candle (15 oz) – Elemental Aromatics Collection Sale price$19.99

Customer Reviews

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I LOVE the fragrance...

I LOVE the fragrance of this candle. Please never discontinue it.

Made IN KC

We've been pouring candles in the City of Fountains since 1951.

Natural Wicks

Our wicks are made with all-natural materials like cotton + paper.

Long Burn Times

Our candles can safely burn for up to 4 hours at a time.

Safe For Pets

All of our candles are cruelty-free and safe to burn around pets.