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White Willow Scented Jar Candle (14 oz) – Home Décor Collection

Sale price$17.99

Experience tranquility at its finest with Zen Garden, a designer candle from Tuscany Candle's Home Decor collection. This scented candle envelops you in a calming blend of eucalyptus, water lotus, and spearmint, instantly transporting you to a peaceful garden oasis.

Elegance meets functionality in this 14oz candle, poured with color-coordinated satin wax and encased in a sleek cylindrical glass jar adorned with a decorative wrap. The jar is capped with a chic black lid featuring a brass fixture, giving this gift candle a touch of sophistication. With two lead-free wicks, Zen Garden not only transforms your space visually but also fills it with serenity.

Eucalyptus, Water Lotus, and Spearmint

The Home Décor collection is a marriage of artful sophistication and elevated fragrance made with essential oils. The richly textured vessel, elegant lid, and two lead-free wicks are a stylish addition to your space that adds refined warmth and ideal ambiance.

Wicks: 2
Volume: 14oz
Diameter: 3.625
Height: 5.25
Burn time: approximately 60 hours
Poured in the U.S.A.

A White Willow Scented Jar Candle (14 oz) in the Tuscany Candle Home Décor Collection, emitting soothing FRAGRANCE NOTES.
White Willow Scented Jar Candle (14 oz) – Home Décor Collection Sale price$17.99

Made IN KC

We've been pouring candles in the City of Fountains since 1951.

Natural Wicks

Our wicks are made with all-natural materials like cotton + paper.

Long Burn Times

Our candles can safely burn for up to 4 hours at a time.

Safe For Pets

All of our candles are cruelty-free and safe to burn around pets.